Sunday, 2 September 2012

Clash it Real Good.

Florals? DUH! its Spring! But the print that was once only found in your grandmother's dated wardrobe has definitely come a LONG way. And this seasons current trend? C.L.A.S.H.I.N.G. That's Right! Floral Clashing! The super daring yet oh so stylish way to wear your prints this season. What i love is that print clashing can be interpreted to meet any individuals style need. Not so into the girly aspect? No problem, just tone down the bright tones, find more rustic/cool coloured prints and team it up with a grungy coat and hair do'. Scared to look like a walking garden? Never an issue! Simply add on a nice tailored blazer, leather jacket or sleek skinny pants to tone down the look and bring your gorgeous outfit together. Want to mix it up a bit? Mix and match florals with a sexy leopard print-you will definitely get some ultimate style points if done right! So when trying to decide which print to go with, why not do BOTH? Just remember STYLING is KEY! Break up your look with nude accessories, subtle metallics and simple hair. But hey! that is just a suggestion! The most important thing is that YOU feel confident and YOU wear this trend to match YOUR style. Remember! Confidence goes a longggg way-even in the style department ;)