Sunday, 23 September 2012

Luscious Lashes

Eyelashes. Luscious eyelashes. We all want them. Some may need help to gain them. And others sometimes don't quite get it right. But follow these easy How To steps and you'll be on your way to batting your own lashes and making guys instantly melt!


X=Boho Squared

Summer equals hot weather. Hot weather equals trips to the beach. Trips to the beach equals sea salt, wavy hair. Therefore if my calculations are correct the answer to this equation equals BOHO BABE braids. The final solution? Try this gorgeous, low maintenance hair do that will look fabulous with a bright summer dress and your sexy summer glow.


Lets Face it!

As i browse for some new makeup looks, i come across MAC's make up faces as a source of inspiration. Here are some looks and colours i am totally crushing on. From dark smokey eyes to luscious lollipop lips, i am totally set for this up coming party season! Well, for makeup at least...


Friday, 21 September 2012

Tickled Pink

Here's to all things PINK and Lovely! I cant get enough of this girly shade its making me blush!


Guess what i will be wearing on the weekend?

Ahhhhh I love EVERYTHING about this outfit! Well thats my Saturday night cocktails outfit planned!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

TOP 5: Welcome to the Dark Side

Spring has officially arrived. Blue skies, Sun shining, cherry blossom blooming and the emergence of pretty florals and pastel based outfits everywhere! Who would dare break this trend and wear black, right?? Well, i for one WOULD! Now don't get me wrong, i am loving the pastel trend right now and have been guilty to purchasing some pretty pastel purple shoes and sporting my baby pink 'St Germain' MAC lipstick. But every once in a while my inner rock chick self decides to emerge and thus provoke myself to contrast against the bright, sunny days and confidently rock the ALL BLACK look. Now the trick here is to alter your all black outfit to meet the needs of the warmer days (trust me, you don't want to be seen sweating like a waterfall after only walking 300 metres under the melting sun!). So to prevent this, choose dark pieces that are still LIGHT in weight and definitely breathable (An oversized 100% cotton t-shirt dress perhaps?). Also if your are going to have your arms covered (i.e with an oversized black blazer or thin black knit), Ditch the long pants or stockings and opt for a cute high-waisted mini (try a leather skirt or a dark print) and show of those amazing pins of yours which have been hidden all Winter! Showing some form of skin definitely adds a 'fresh SPRING' look and thus creates a hint of sex appeal to your chic look. But...just remember the shave, exfoliate and moisturise beforehand-Dont worry, we forgive you! it has after all been a long, dreary season past! And finally, finish off your look with some black biker boots (YES to studs!!!) or add a touch of femininity with a pair of strappy stilettos or pointed heels. You can go for black here, but why not add a touch of unexpected excitement by using this opportunity for colour? So before Spring clean away all your dark Winter pieces, take a moment to rummage through your collection and save those dark pieces for those days you just want to rock out under the sun and show off that inner punk chic chick you are!


Monday, 17 September 2012

My Current Obession

This image basically sums up my current obsession with metallics and edgy (boarder line punk) styling. By Just using any single piece in the image, you can instantly freshen up your outfit and put a unique spin that screams Glamourous Rocker Chic quicker than you can say...well...'Glamourous Rocker Chic'


Denim Days

Wooohoooo for Summer Approaching! Time to get out my denim cutouts. I am totally in love with styling my light wash One Teaspoon Bandits with a grey tee, my black blazer, black sandals with thin gold piping and to finish off the look a delicate collection of thin metallic chains in solver, gold and rose gold for a perfect layering effect. ( Yes. Mixing metals if here to stay this season!). And off i go to a shopping trip with the girls, a day at the markets or a relaxing Sunday Brunch. And that is only just one look i can get out of my denim shorts...the list is endless as it can be style to whatever YOUR personal style or look of choice is! So have a browse of the images of inspiration i have provided and just remember to EXPERIMENT and HAVE FUN when putting together your denim short outfit!


A Flash of Neon!

Neon. The cooler, more fashion forward cousin of Fluro.