Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A little collection of lust, romance and love <3


The Picnic.

Start off with a romantic bike ride along along the paths of nature and finish of with a delicate and oh so scrumptious picnic of caramelised macaroons and pink lemonade....what you do in-between is all up to you! Soaking up some golden sunlight, running carefree in the wheat fields, taking spontaneous snapshots of anything and everything that inspires you....This is your picnic and your chance to live, breathe, love and explore all that is around you!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Winter Wear Wondering...

As a girl who lives down under in Australia, i am not usually a fan of Winter. Personally, Summer is where its at! I just love the freedom of clothing style and the ability to put together outfits with a more carefree attitude. However, my recent travel bookings (YES! That's right! My friend and I are going to EUROPEEE!) has also confronted me with the reality that my time abroad will be during Europe's harsh Winter. Now for many, you're probably thinking 'pfttttt stop exaggerating-u'll be fine!' but when you're like me, an Aussie girl, who heads for the electric blanket and layers of clothing when its 18 Degrees then you can understand my dilemma-WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!?!?
When it comes to Winter, i often find it hard to compromise warmth/comfort with before i begin to make purchases for Europe Winter gear, i have started to search endlessly for adaptable style inspirations from girls who dress impeccably during the colder months. Since i will be roaming the streets and constantly on the go during my travels, I also have to remember to go 'casual' but of course add my personality and style to it.
These images have definitely given me some inspiration so i hope they can for you too!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Gotta love The Beauty Department for all their AWESOME nail art inspiration. Here is another recent look i tried and woahhh was it a hit! I kept on having friends and even random's comment on how 'cool', 'interesting', 'gorgeous' and even 'amazing' my nails looked-followed by the predicted question of  'HOW did you do that?' 
Well here's my reply....follow these steps from the picture and you will be set in wearing this awesome nail art wherever you go!


A dive into the Great Barrier Reef

A fresh combo to make any outfit POP! Coral and blue-a match made in heaven that is definitely here to stay BOTH during Winter and Summer! What i personally love is the substituting of light wash blue denim where paired with a coral accent through skirts, jeans, clutches or jewlery. Just breathtaking.