Sunday, 27 May 2012


AS i sit here mid-morning wrapped up in layers of clothing, heater on and yearning for some hot hearty soup-i envy all you Northern Hemerspherians as you get to soak up your warm summer sun while laying by the pool and eating-POPSICLES! Although my shivering body would probably reject consuming popsicles this time of the year, i couldn't help but drool over these amazing popsicle flavours and designs.  Although obvious to a few, it never really crossed my mind, the amount of popsicle versions you could create! And even the vicinity of your own home! Watermelon, flavoured yoghurt, strawberries and creme, Nutella, passionfruit infused...the possibilities are just about endless! So although we down under enter the Winter months, i may as well try these popsicle option out-just so i am a certified popsicle entrepreneur by the time spring hits and it is time to organise summer pool parties!


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weekend Wish Wants

Ohh Hail Saturdays! The 1st day of the weekend! I definitely love knowing that while i am enjoying the freedom of Saturdays, there is still reliable Sunday that we fall back on to once again, do what we want in a care-free and most importantly WORK FREE scenario! And what better way to begin the weekend than to list my top WANTS-hellooooo shopping! Ive also added in a quirky outdoor movie sesh and a few gorgeous cocktails to loosen everyone up!


Thursday, 10 May 2012


Follow the light. Let it control you. Colour is power. Become the eccentric style goddess you are.

Viviane Sassen is photography genius. A quirky eye for detail, she can take ordinary and turn in into mind blowing, awwwww-mazing and ohhhh so mesmerising stylised imagery. Corpus Electra is a collaboration with stylist Mattias Karlsson and portrays S/S 12's fresh structured pieces, unusual fabrics and modern digitised prints. I have found my new favourite photographer.

Happy Lusting!



Helloooo! I know its been a while since ive posted-especially since i post multiple times a day so for me, i feel like it has been FOREVER! and my page is look a bit outta date! These past few weeks have been hectic! with uni assignments, prac, work and daily commitments, i haven't really gotten any 'me' time and i gotta say ive missed my endless browsing of glossy fashion magazines, clicking on the endless style images on Pinterest and looking up the latest trends on my personal blog loves! Anywho..this sudden warm weather (mind you it is almost Winter here in Australia!) has re-promted my love for sunglasses. I am a sucker for the over-sized styles but always heading towards new and unusual designs that just give that extra vaaaa---voooooom!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

She's Got The Look

A collaboration of Street Style defss worth the cred!