Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Bubble

Since 2008, Australian Fashion retail brand General Pants Co. has been providing young designers, artists and photographers with the opportunity to not only showcase their work and talent, but also be mentored by some of the most 'influentials' ( like my new word?) across all creative industries. I take regular enjoyment in visiting, clicking the link to 'The Bubble' and constantly being amazed by the creations that have been uploaded.   
Within The Bubble, there are 8 categories which include Fashion, Graphics, TV/Film, Photography, Art and illustration, creative writing and of course-blogging/styling.
So whether you are an up-and-coming artist, designer, writer-WHATEVER or you, like me, enjoy discovering and gaining inspiration from such new creations/creators, then i HIGHLY recommend checking this website out (

Editorial Work
Editorial Work-By Nick Blair

Grunge Photography

Grunge Photography-By Shane McColl


Illusionista-By Hayley O'Connor

Wild Things

Wild Things-By Kelly Smith

You and i Both

                                  You and i Both-By Sarah-Kate Harris
"It was as if his world had stopped, like everything had just come to a halt. And suddenly he felt like he was falling. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach like that ride where you drop and suddenly stop, except the feeling wouldn’t leave him. Only once he consciously made the effort to separate his mind from his stomach, he realized he wasn’t crying. And he wanted to. He wanted to cry and let out all the hurt and anger, but it was as if his body refused to comply. He knew what he needed-numbness. He knew the only way to make the feeling tolerable was to numb it. Almost like a zombie, he stood and walked straight to his top drawer, pulled out his very first love-and lit up. With his eyes fixated on the painting on his wall, he sat on the floor, back against his bed, and he inhaled. He let the smoke wash over him like a cloud of relief; relief that his brain was slowing down. With every breath the painting looked more like Adam. He saw his face, his hair his smile, his green eyes. Memories came pouring back, he tried to block them but even the potent green wasn’t enough to block out his best friend.
Adam’s face stood brightly in front of him, he could almost hear his laugh. His mind slowly kicked back into gear and the hurt slowly crept back like a chill behind him. He started to think about love and loss. This is why we should never be in love; the inevitable hurt at the end is always the worst. He wondered why anyone would voluntarily enter into a relationship when it eventually ends in loss. Adam was gone and it felt as if a part of him had died too. He could feel his heart, heavy in his chest. Fetters pulling his heart deep into his stomach. He felt like something inside him was missing, and then before he realise it, the tears came. And they didn’t stop."

9-By Jade Fosberry


Elixir-By Sarah Staunton

Kid Rock
 Kid Rock-By Jacki Browne 

And let me just add that appearing of The Bubble has launched the careers of many artists, and thus some of these pieces/names you may recognise or WILL be recognising in months to come.

Anywho, its best that i head off and continue on with what i am actually supposed to be doing-that is uni work....but i guess a few more clicks on The Bubble wont hurt ;) Procrastination FTW!