Monday, 27 February 2012

Vintage 'Will-Do' List

Although it is too far in the future to confirm, i am planning on living/studying overseas in destination preferences? Well any form of rich European culture i am open to but woahhh would it be sweet to live in Paris!! Upon researching potential universities both in Paris and Europe abroad, i kinda got sidetracked and began researching top shopping districts in Paris, their overflowing vintage stores and the oh so famous Les Puces de Paris (Paris Flea Markets).

MY OH MY! Lets just say that once i googled some photos i was HOOKED! I began analysing each photo i could get my hands on (well eyes at least) to discover what hidden treasures i could find in each image. Hmmm yes that kinda sounds like i am a 10 year old child reading a 'Where's Wally?' don't judge me! While doing so, i began to somewhat imagine what treasures and uniques pieces i could find thus further deepening my desire to head to France.

With the regular tendency to procrastinate, i admit that i have already carefully jotted down the key pieces i aim to find when the time comes for me to explore the vintage stores and markets of Paris. So i'd thought i'd share with you all my wish list.... wait, scratch that! Here is my WILL DO LIST:

One of my dear friend's, Suz and I have recently begun making some bracelet and necklace pieces in which we plan to sell in the new future. Unfortunately there are only so many St Vincent de Paul stores and weekend markets we can head to source unique CHARMS AND TRINKETS. I will definitely be on the prowl to find mini treasures (like in the image above) in order to incorporate into future designs. 

I have various bare walls in my room just waiting to be decorated in VINTAGE FRENCH POSTERS. Already evoking a Paris theme, my room will not be complete until i get my hand on one (or maybe 5) of these antique wall pieces.

Chanel wore one....need i say more? This classic VINTAGE SAILOR SHIRT is available in various Vintage stores in Paris, making the chances of me grabbing a few THAT much higher! The classic striped shirt is sooo versatile, i have already mentally put together a range of outfits which would go amazingly with this piece. Whether tucked into some tailored pastel pink chinos and ballet flats or teamed up with some relaxed leather shorts and a simple tanned belt...all i know i am definitely getting my hands on one!

During my last trip back to Europe in 2006, my great Aunty in Portugal kindly gave me a genuine vintage LV bag similar to the one's located in the picture above. Unfortunately i was unable to fit it into my suitcase ( my parents had filled majority of it with souvenirs ranging from themed magnets to hand made tea towels )...Ohhh the regret i have had ever since! Therefore to make up for this loss, i will plan on getting my hands on one (or perhaps two) of these stunning ANTIQUE SUITCASES....AND i will make sure they successfully travel home with me whatever it takes. Mark my words!!

Even as a child i have been fascinated with chandelliers. But i guess back then, my love was due to its general shiny, and girly aesthetics. Although these characteristics still stay close to me when admiring chandeliers, i have gain a greater appreciation for a chandelier to be able to add an extra level of class and elegance in a room. Now while i am persistent on taking home some antique suitcase...i will admit packing one of these gorgeous VINTAGE CHANDELIERS may come up as a slight challenge. Nevertheless I do look forward to indulging in some mesmerised gazing and appreciation of the one of a kind pieces.

Being an Aussie girl, i am still yet to encounter a proper Winter where the temperature drops below 10 degrees on a daily basis. Rather than looking like a tacky tourist in a jacket that resembles a puffed-up garbage bag (yes there is a specific look i am referring to!) why not rug up in a VINTAGE (FAUX) FUR COAT looking Tres Chic! Now the search can be tricky as i will only purchase a jacket that is make out of FAKE fur....nevertheless if and when i am lucky to get my hands on one while rummaging through the racks of a Paris vintage store, this will definitely be one of my most favourite purchases!!

So yeah that was my 'Will Do' list when vintage shopping in Paris! If any of you guys have any tips, stores or even amazing vintage finds you have made in Paris, please feel free to share! :)