Saturday, 25 February 2012


Its a Saturday evening and i have pretty much spent the day chilling in my room scrolling through endless amounts of fashion blogs, ASOS-esque websites and of course facebook. However as a regular reader of RUSSH magazine (, i decided to go onto the fashion magazine's website and browse through their impeccable collection of photo shoots. Once again they never fail to disappoint. As i click on the link , i discover a collection of photos evoking the relaxed and some what troubled persona of Eliza. Styled effortlessly by the team at RUSSH, i am drawn to this photo shoot for its incorporation of chunky knits, frayed jersey t-shirts and exaggerated one-sleeve dresses. We discover Eliza's taste for simplicity with a slight dark-side and edge. Bursting with individuality-but she only feels she can express fully in the confined spaces of her 1960's apartment. It is these lonely times by which Eliza lives for- staring outside her window for inspiration, exploring the un-earthed secrets within her nostalgic home and dreaming of the interesting encounters she will have with the outside world in days to come...happy lusting!