Friday, 6 April 2012

Pretty Easter Cupcakes

To get into the Easter Spirit i'd thought i would share this ADORABLE (and tasty) cupcake recipe i found on Better Homes and Gardens ( I love the simple sophistication of the outside pastel eggs and coconut frosting. But as soon as you take a bit into one you a reveal a speckled centre filled with multicoloured FUN! So now that the shops are closed on various days over the long weekend, i bet you are thinking 'what am i supposed to DO all weekend!!'. Yes? well NO! bake some of these pretty little things up! And trust me u'll be wanting more! Below is the recipe..its pretty simple so no sweat or tears (or blood) required :)

-Bake a batch of cupcakes from a box of cake mix with confetti sprinkles, according to package directions. 

-Spread white frosting on the finished cupcakes after they've cooled and sprinkle toasted shredded coconut on top to resemble a nest. 

-Finish with pastel candies.

See? wasnt that hard at all! Enjoy!