Sunday, 22 April 2012

Doing the Denim Deed

Got some old denim bottoms you are about to chuck away? STOPPPPP! Denim is a versatile fabric that never goes out of if you are sick of your current jeans or shorts why not give them a little tweak to create a new style?

Here are some ideas to change your old denim from drab to fab!
-Cut your old jean to a new three quater or short length
-fold up your denim for a cuffed look
-grab some fabric dye and goooo crazy! ( pretty pastels or edgy black...need i say more)
-Add some cute lace trim like in the photo above.
-Clusters of safety pins on the pockets, front of the shorts or ANYWHERE for that matter, its totally up to you :)
-Trace the back pocket shape onto a desired fabric and hand sew it onto the denim pocket
-grab some harsh sandpaper, find a brick wall and DISTRESS THAT DENIM!
-glue on studs to create a punk-rock look

See the ideas are endless! So get your DIY on and start creating your unique denim shorts that will have people cravvvvingggg for a pair of their own!