Sunday, 4 March 2012

Should I? or shouldn't I?

Ok i know i am supposed to be saving but how could i say 'NO' to these amazing little gems? seriously how could i?? These little (well the left one isn't thattt little) rings cost me less than $20 and i must say i have been wearing them with basically all my outfits since purchasing them! What i love about these rings  is the antique look they exasperate. When i wear them i feel both glamorous and quirky. I feel accomplished as though i magically came across these two rings when rummaging through my grandmothers vintage jewellery box...know one will ever know...well, except you. But i am willing to make that sacrifice! So if you are tired of the endless search for unique rings and other jewellery pieces at flea markets, or are just strapped for time when trying to put together an outfit definitely head to 'Lovisa' either in store or online ( No, i don't work there (although i should, right?)  but i must say with their large range of jewellery pieces to match all styles and looks, i never leave their stores empty handed or disappointed. And when i am spotted wearing something 'Lovisa' i loose count of the amount of positive compliments and 'oooooo where did you get that?' comments both from my friends and strangers.  So for less than $20, far out that purchase was worth it!