Wednesday, 21 March 2012

NEW TALENT! Anna Langdon

So as a subscriber to i get the latest updates on fashion, TV, music and more. I will add that this website is worth checking out for those who love to keep posted on pop-culture BEFORE it hits mainstream news. Ok where was i?..oh yes! So i came a across Kitschfolk & Kindheit-the quirky and oh so AMAZING new collection from up and coming Sydney designer, Anna Langdon.

Anna personally describes her Kitsch collection as “Experimental and unusual, glamorous and gaudy, tripped out but well cut, I aim to challenge the accepted parameters of fashionable-beauty through my work.”

All i have got to say is i am LOVING this 'Kitschfolk & Kindheit'. For its girly structure? For its bold contrast of pastel colours? Yes. But what i am lusting over most is the collections ability to combine fairytale with Russian babushka doll chic...kinda brings me back to my childhood, reading my favourite enchanting story books.

I hope to hear more details about Anna's collection-so stay tuned!