Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Caviar Nail Polish! Say Whaaaaaat????

Yep you heard right! UK nail-polish brand Ciate has just announced the up-comming release of their 'Caviar' Nail polish range! Hmmm it seems the 3D craze has now entered our beauty cupboards and i am LOVING it! A quirky concept mixed with true sophistication and style, Caviar Manicures are definitely the nail polish of the future! The nail polish will be available in 3 colours as shown below-personally i am loving the multi-coloured version (most probably because it reminds me of the fairy bread i so favourably consumed as a child!).

 Not sure when this awesome polish range will be available overseas but my sources tell me that very soon Sephora stores and will be stocking Ciate's Caviar Manicure. So stay tuned my lovelies! And if any of you are lucky to get your hand on a manicure kit, be sure to let us at Elii Dee know how it looks!